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Tahaffuz Darsgah is established to create an educational environment where transgender students are empowered to succeed academically and personally, while also promoting a culture of inclusivity, intersectional social justice and equal opportunities values, and respect for all.

The three-tier training program at Tahaffuz Darsgah, helps students gain education and skills needed to compete in the mainstream work environment equipped with a world class recognised education. In first stage they are offered secondary education O- and A-level education besides Matric and Intermediate. After that they are offered globally recognised vocational qualifications in sought after areas. In third stage recognised degree qualifications will be offered that will empower them to enjoy an equitable social status in their chosen industry.

The facilities offered are not limited to just education but also include lodging facilities that encompasses hostel, dining, clothing, recreation, and sports facilities. Moreover, a dedicated well-being team is responsible for their medical care, mental health management, personality and character building, and psychological grooming in the form of freedom of expression.

Extracurricular and recreational activities form a major part of the training program. Students are encouraged and facilitated to celebrate all festivals and take part in the sports they prefer. With the belief that confiding their activities to a mundane routine and schedule could restrict their cognitive development that is vital for their personal and professional growth; they are motivated to express themselves through choosing the recreational activities keeping it aligned with the code of conduct and moral policies.

Mission: Education for All

The mission for transgender educational programs that support transgender students typically focuses on several core principles:

Support and Respect:
Ensuring that transgender community members, are supported in their gender identity and are treated with respect.

Safety and Well-being:
Providing a safe and supportive environment where transgender students can learn and thrive without fear of discrimination or harassment.

Education and Awareness:
Educating the community about gender diversity and the experiences of transgender individuals to foster understanding and acceptance.


The vision for Tahaffuz Darsgah is to expand the inclusivity and involvement of Transgender community to a wider social scenario where they enjoy equal opportunities at all levels.

This probably starts with developing an understanding of Trans lives which is important not only for the world but also the transgenders themselves. That is why it is important to help the students to understand their biological differences and intellectual existence and how to turn each difference into a strength.

It’s important to note that these points are part of an ongoing process about the best ways to support transgender students. The goal is to ensure that transgender students have access to a safe and supportive educational environment.


The values mainly originate from Mission and Vision that are focused at creating a favourable and affirming learning environments for all students.

The core values are:

Support and Guidance:
Offer tireless support and useful guidance for the development of identified transgender community.

Dignity and Respect:
Every student is treated with dignity and respect.

Education and Training:
Providing education and training for staff and students to increase understanding and awareness.

Empowering transgender students to live and work with dignity.

Equality, Inclusivity and Non-Discrimination:
Commitment to equality, inclusivity and non-discrimination, ensuring that transgender students have equal access to educational and recreational opportunities.

Privacy and Confidentiality:
Respecting the privacy and confidentiality of each transgender student.

Supportive Policies:
Developing and implementing policies that support the rights and needs of transgender students.

These values aim to ensure that transgender students are supported in their educational journey and can participate fully in the community. They are designed to promote a safe, inclusive, and equitable learning environment.

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