We take pride in introducing a recently established facility, Tahaffuz Darsgah, for the development and progress of a neglected segment of Pakistani society, Transgender.

The predicaments and the biased social status of Transgenders was witnessed at various occasions. They have to go through various demeaning stages in life upon realising that they belong to transgender community. First of all, they bear the brunt of the shame faced by their parents as having a transgender child is out of the boundaries of the societal norms. Then they are either forced to leave their homes where all ties with their families are severed; or are handed over to so called Gurus as a riddance. From this point in their lives the journey of undignified lives of these innocent children begins.

These Gurus push them to be apt in shameful activities such as street dancers, sex workers or/and beggars. Besides facing a disparaging socio-cultural status, they are forced to reside to derogatory and deplorable activities to provide for themselves. This is inclined to result in them contracting some reprehensible diseases such as STD and HIV; and get addicted to drugs. Seeing them beg for alms dressed in flamboyant attires and overdone make-up to attract the attention of the passing by vehicles was quite heart wrenching.

In most cases when these unfortunate transgenders get old or are unable to divulge into their usual activities because of contracting diseases or getting injured, they themselves become gurus. In these scenarios their apprentices bring such children to them to continue with this vicious circle of humiliation.

As per a general observation, the atrocities of discrimination and degradation are not limited to the adult transgenders, but young children have to face the same status quo. There have been no or very few cases of these kids enjoying good education and development opportunities in the mainstream society. It has been considered a common taboo for families where a transgender child is born. They would either try to hide the identity of that child or abandon them altogether.

Upholding the observed emotions and fructuous expectations from this segment of the society, we have initiated the establishment of probably the first educational facility for transgender children. The facility is established with the praiseworthy cooperation between UK Curriculum and Accreditation Body - UKCAB, a registered charity in England and Wales (Charity No.1153197) and Punjab Police, Pakistan.

Introducing Tahaffuz Darsgah, the pioneering transgender boarding school in Lahore Pakistan, situated near Jallo Park in Lahore aligns with the quote by Kofi Annan

“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.”

Tahaffuz Darsgah stands as the first-ever shelter and boarding school exclusively dedicated to transforming transgender children into productive members of both Pakistani and global society.

The modus operandi of this project is to admit transgender kids to our facility by inviting parents to drop them off here instead of handing them over to Gurus. We also welcome walk ins by these transgenders.

At Tahaffuz Darsgah, we are committed to providing a safe haven and top-notch education under one roof. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer a 3-stage programme, in first stage they are offered O- and A-level education besides Matric and Intermediate. After that they are offered globally recognised vocational qualifications in sought after areas. In third stage we will offer them recognised degree qualifications that will empower them to excel in professional as well as personal growth of their lives.

Besides education we offer them lodging facilities that encompasses hostel, dining, clothing, recreation, and sports facilities. This further includes medical care, mental health management, personality and character building, and psychological grooming in the form of freedom of expression.

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